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Busch Wildlife Sanctuary

Busch Wildlife Sanctuary

Busch Wildlife Sanctuary

Busch Wildlife SanctuaryBusch Wildlife Sanctuary

About Us

Rescue, Rehab, Release, Educate!

Education outreach

The Busch Wildlife Sanctuary is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and conservation of Florida’s wildlife and natural resources.  To accomplish this mission, the Sanctuary is open to the public and offers environmental education opportunities and provides wildlife rescue and rehabilitative services. 

The Sanctuary provides free comprehensive medical and rehabilitative care to almost 5,000 injured wild animals each year.

Wildlife rescue

Nearly 90% of the injuries treated at our wildlife hospital are directly related to man-made causes, which include collisions with automobiles, fishing line entanglement, electrocutions, illegal gunshots, poisonings, and attacks by dogs and cats.  The ultimate goal of our wildlife rescue program is returning recovered animals to their natural habitats to once again become an integral part of our fragile environment. 

In addition to our organization’s wildlife rehabilitation efforts, the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary annually offers community outreach programs to over 125,000 children and adults.

Public wildlife release

The Sanctuary is open to the public for only a donation with regularly scheduled programs to educate young and old alike about nature, wildlife, and issues that affect our environment. 

Live, non-releasable wild animals play an important role in the Sanctuary's educational efforts.

Gray Fox

Former patients of our wildlife hospital that have suffered injuries too severe to allow them to return to the wild are provided with a refuge in which to live, where they now serve as ambassadors to the animal kingdom.  These animals offer the public a rare opportunity to learn from nature up-close, while creating a memorable message of respect for all living creatures and their habitats. 

The concept of this facility was not to simply build a "zoo" exhibiting caged animals, but to create a unique sanctuary that combines a community nature and learning center with a wildlife hospital.

Nature trails lead visitors through pine flatwoods, oak hammocks, and cypress wetlands.

Cypress Swamp

Along the trails are wildlife habitats exhibiting a variety of native animals from bald eagles to Florida panthers, deer, otters, foxes, alligators, bears, and much more. 


Discovery Center

Busch Wildlife Sanctuary’s unique facility offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity for the public to learn about nature while providing a sanctuary for both wildlife and people.  Truly, it is the perfect place to bring the whole family for a real wild Florida experience!

To complement the Sanctuary's outdoor exhibits, there is an indoor Discovery Center. Visitors can enjoy learning how to coexist with Florida wildlife through a variety of informational and interactive displays.

Contact Us

Busch Wildlife Sanctuary

2500 Jupiter Park Drive, Jupiter, FL 33458, us

(561) 575-3399

Visitor Hours

We are open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

We are closed on Sundays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Year's Day.